who are adp competitors

Like ADP, SAP also competes in the Internet software industry. Together, they raised more than 2.6 billion people among their approximately 291.3 thousand employees. ADP has 58,000 employees and ranks third among the top 10 competitors. OnPay Payroll is a great solution for those businesses, making it an ADP alternative to consider. So, not only will you get all of the above features, relevant information for running your payroll will also be pulled in if you use other QuickBooks software.

Simplify managing payroll and HR to spend more time on business priorities and less time on processes. Automate your people and payment processes to save time and reduce manual, paper-based administration. With self-service access to payroll, HR and benefits data, empower your people to take control of their own information.


Comparatively, 1.6% of Fiserv shares are owned by company insiders. Automatic Data Processing has a beta of 0.73, indicating that its share price is 27% less volatile than the S&P 500. Comparatively, Fidelity National Information Services has a beta of 0.81, indicating that its share price is 19% less volatile than the S&P 500. Automatic Data Processing has higher revenue and earnings than Fidelity National Information Services.

who are adp competitors

StarGarden HCM is the most comprehensive HR software on the market, integrating HR and payroll capabilities on one powerful platform. With StarGarden HCM, managing the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to retiring, is easy. The platform provides HR teams access to critical functionalities such as maintaining employee records, payroll, benefits & compensation, time and attendance. It also includes advanced features like succession planning, reporting, and analytics.

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Our payroll & billing applications are built on the world’s leading platform for business applications which protects your investment for the long term. Our mature and open API allows you to rapidly and reliably integrate your recruitment, rostering and other key business systems.

  • Services like ADP decrease the resources necessary to run payroll by improving automation, reducing the size of your payroll department, and cutting costs.
  • Employees can be paid via direct deposit, check or with a prepaid Mastercard they can use anywhere.
  • It’s perfect for businesses just getting started and large companies that are looking for a scalable solution alike.
  • Once you enter each employee’s hours into the software each pay period, it calculates each employee’s paycheck based on their wage rate or salary.
  • You can speak to a member of the sales team to customize a package based on your needs.

Paychex Express provides small businesses with payroll processing, tax filings, and a mobile self-service app, but doesn’t require companies to pay for payroll preparation services they don’t need. For small business owners with fewer than 100 employees who require monthly unlimited pay runs, Gusto is the best choice. The software is easy to use—no excess features you don’t need. It files and pays federal, state, and local taxes and automatically generates and sends W-2s and 1099s to employees and contractors at no extra cost, unlike ADP. Multiple pricing options are also available and set up and migration are free—you have to pay a setup fee with both ADP and Paychex. You can process payroll online, with the ADP mobile app on iOS and Android devices, and over the phone.

Create recurring invoices for your regular customers and white-list crypto addresses for secure payments. Download full payment history and statistics as a CSV file. With the brightest and best minds in your industry scattered around the world, it makes sense that many start-ups operate remotely. The legacy banking system is stuck in the 20th century, and international payments are slow and expensive.

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Visa has higher revenue and earnings than Automatic Data Processing. Automatic Data Processing is trading at a lower price-to-earnings ratio than Visa, indicating that it is currently the more affordable of the two stocks. Yousef Fatehpour is a Junior Research Analyst at SoftwarePundit. He graduated from University of California, San Diego, where he studied Human Centered Design and Communications. His work at UCSD’s Design Lab emphasized UX research and product management. Gusto is best for businesses in need of affordable and user-friendly payroll.

who are adp competitors

We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. She has more than five years of content writing experience and specializes in writing about HR and payroll software for small businesses. Prior to becoming a writer, she worked as an HR Specialist in several multinational companies. Software reviews show feedback from real users and can be a maximum of 5 stars. We considered online user reviews, including those of our competitors, wherein any option with an average of 4+ stars is ideal. Also, software with 1,000 or more reviews on third-party sites is preferred. All of the software we ranked scored well under popularity.

Justworks is a closer alternative to Zenefits rather than ADP RUN. Justworks does not support the custom reporting features ADP RUN offers. However, its accessibility and human resource management features make it the ideal tool for newer businesses. All of the information in this article is based upon research, discussions with small business owners, and dozens of hours spent hand-testing the leader human resource software platforms. To learn more about our research and reviews, read about our unbiased review process. Payroll Connected is Canada’s first and only fully automatic payroll processing software. Just tell it how many hours the employee worked, and your payroll is basically done. Because it’s online, you can process your payroll at any time, on any device with a web browser.


With it, you can track PTO and pay your employees working anywhere in the world. It also has pre-built reporting templates and customizable options. There is no free live phone support like there is with ADP, but many users rate Rippling’s live chat, in-app, and email support as highly responsive. It also received a lot of positive online reviews, wherein users commented that it is user-friendly with robust features and third-party software integrations. Paychex is capable of handling payroll and tax administration, onboarding, and workers’ compensation for you from anywhere. And if you have any plan with the exception of Paychex Go, it’ll assign you a single dedicated specialist for your payroll and tax requirements.

Payroll Alternative #1 – Intuit Payroll offers no-frills payroll processing in a very basic, simple-to-use interface. If you use Quickbooks already, you can integrate Payroll with your software at the same price shown below. Global Payments pays an annual dividend of $1.00 per share and has a dividend yield of 0.6%. Automatic Data Processing pays an annual dividend of $3.72 per share and has a dividend yield of 1.9%. Global Payments pays out 16.6% of its earnings in the form of a dividend.

You will never be retaliated against for reporting your discoveries or suspicions. Associates are expected to be honest and ethical in dealing with each other, clients, vendors and all other third parties. ADP and each of its associates, wherever they may be located, must conduct their affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity and in full compliance with all laws and regulations. As an ADP associate you are required to adhere to the highest standard regardless of local custom. Please read the Code and Anti-Bribery Policy carefully as they include many important provisions. They also provide you with information regarding when and how to report any suspected violations.

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Square offers a PC and mobile-friendly app that assists businesses with payroll management. The platform can be used for employees, contractors, or both at the same time, and monthly pricing adapts to the number of people on the payroll. Other additional features include tracking of work hours, automated filing of state and federal taxes, monitoring sick leave, and workers’ compensation. Access SelectHR is a full-service HR tool designed for enterprise companies. It combines self-service tools, automated rules, and data analytics to help HR representatives spend less time filing paperwork and more time improving the human resources at the company.


Get peace of mind with efficient, accurate payroll software. Input, store and access employee data and performance reviews in one easy place. Get your new employees on their way quickly with this paperless process. UKG Pro is our award-winning human capital management solution that helps simplify complex HR processes and provide powerful insights about your workforce. From big-picture who are adp competitors data to zooming in to the individual employee’s journey in a matter of seconds—UKG Pro can support even the most complex organizational needs in HR, payroll, time, and talent. Gain one, comprehensive view of all your employee data, including insight into your global teams. Discover the most powerful payroll engine in the industry today, and simplify the most complex tax processes.

It has advanced HR features like new hire onboarding and background checks, on top of its full-service payroll and tax services. However, ADP is not ideal for small businesses with a tight monthly budget because it charges for extra payroll runs and year-end reporting. If you don’t need robust HR features or just need to save money, a top ADP competitor may work better for your business. Through the administrative portal, you can run a variety of reports, including ones that show punch histories based on filters you choose. ADP has an extensive time and attendance system that can operate on the same platform as its payroll system. All time and attendance data instantly sync with your payroll service. When we requested a payroll quote for a business with 25 employees who are paid biweekly, ADP gave us a price estimate of $115 per payroll for the Enhanced plan.

ADP Global Payroll combines ADP GlobalView Payroll and ADP Celergo into a unified and truly multi-country international payroll solution. We’re not only preparing for the future of pay, we’re defining it. We provide stewardship over the payroll of millions of employees worldwide. From government regulations to local laws, we’re fluent in all matters regulatory and build compliance into every solution we offer. Starting with a base of at least 3 countries, it collects your employee data into a single system of record, but unifies every aspect of global payroll. Feels more like running payroll in just one country, allowing you to spend less time running your business, and more time growing it.

Our payroll outsourcing client pays for the service, so the personnel and payroll costs can be planned precisely. There is nothing to prevent the payroll data, prepared by our company, from being displayed in our client’s PIRAMIS™ HR system. We have compiled our package offers related to the payroll accounting service. Asure automates all the complex moving parts associated with your payroll and taxes — from wages, benefits, overtime Accounting Periods and Methods and garnishments, to tips, direct deposits, FLSA, and all tax codes and jurisdictions. And we do all of this on a subscription basis with software delivered via the cloud so there’s no expensive software to buy or IT support needed. Asure Payroll & Tax saves you time, keeps you compliant, and allows you to spend your time and money on growing your business. Spend less time entering payroll and more time on your business.

Not every company needs a full-service human resources information system , and ADP doesn’t meet some companies’ unique HR requirements. Whatever the reason you’re looking for ADP competitors, we’ve got the best HR solutions for your needs. For a wider range of payroll service options, check out our buyer’s guides on the best payroll services and best payroll software.

Inova Payroll is a trusted online payroll and human resources service provider. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Inova Payroll’s human capital management solution helps companies effectively manage the employee life cycle and brings clarity to your HR processes. Using smart technology solutions and innovative services, Inova Payroll enables you to optimize applicant tracking, onboarding, payroll, online benefits enrollment, compensation management, and more. Zenefits is a SaaS cloud-based human resources platform that helps more than 11,000 small and mid-sized companies empower their workforce, manage change and stay compliant. Zenefits’ People Platform delivers the most comprehensive, intuitive HR experience in the market. When new employees are hired, HR professionals using Zenefits only need to complete a few online fields to begin the onboarding process.

Many reviewers even commented that Paychex is simple to set up, user-friendly, and convenient to use. However, the lack of a free trial and its limited integration options with the most common small and midsize business software cost significant points against this provider. What we can tell you is that the cost of using ADP is likely gross vs net to be higher than alternatives if you have to run payroll frequently. They charge per payroll run, and that can add up fast if you aren’t careful. Likewise, expect the costs to increase as you add more employees to the system. You’ll need to contact ADP and share the number of employees in your company to get an accurate price quote.

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